A question we get asked…

A question we get asked all the time is “do you offer a one day sports massage diploma” and the answer is no.

But we do offer an advanced massage diploma. This is done over two days and you may even be taught by a qualified sports therapists who has extensive training and experience in this industry.

Day one: you cover a full body manual lymphatic drainage treatment. Manually getting into major lymph areas with your thumbs pumping put lymph nodes around cervical, axillary, supratrochlear, inguinal, subischial, politeal and a full abdominal drain too. This treatment as a stand alone benefits a huge cross section of society but is also used to help muscles work more effectively for those involved in sports.

You will also begin some deep tissue techniques. Focusing on the back and then anterior and posterior legs.

Day two: continue up working with deep tissue techniques, continue onto some hands free techniques and then moving onto a massage machine, also known as pneumatic massage. Perfect again for a huge selection of clients and also used for sport people.

Advanced Body Massage is an uplifting and energizing massage that stimulates circulation and generates an immediate sense of well-being. This massage concentrates on trigger points and deep tissue work as well as adopting hands-free techniques. These techniques are designed to help the functioning of the muscles more effectively, aid lymphatic drainage and to offer a much deeper tissue massage thoroughly and safely with control.

Course is available at selected venues within Inspire.