Cheap isnt good and good isnt cheap!

So many times students enquire with Inspire and then drop in that colleges x,y and z have the same courses but cheaper.

Firstly, we would never price match, especially discounted or voucher scheme companies, but secondly these colleges offer just distance learning diplomas.

Remember, a cheap course isn’t good and a good course isn’t cheap.

Really do your research about these other colleges. Can you get insurance with just 100% home study? Who is the accrediting body? Is the accrediting body the college itself or an external body? Would an employer allow you to work on their clientele after having no hands on practical training?

Yes you may be spending less money at the start but so often we have students enrolling with us because they’re having trouble getting insured or they simply don’t feel confident enough. So you may end up spending more in the long run.

Invest wisely and be the therapist that clients deserve, with the knowledge and experience that makes your treatments safe.