Luxury Beauty Facials – £30 per treatment or read about our Galvanic High Frequency Facial £55  or our diamond microdermabrasion facial £55

We use Neals Yard products, as a Senior Consultant I work with a huge range of Neals Yard products to ensure the right products are chosen for you.


A facial is a step towards helping the skin look youthful and prevent premature ageing. Facials and Face masks work on the skin to remove dirt, grime, and excess oil and provide a moisturizing and softening benefit at the same time.


A professional facial once every month, or even every two months, can make a big difference to the way your skin looks and feels. Used as a way to compliment and boost your at-home skincare and treatments, a professional facial will deeply cleanse and revitalize your face. And you couldn’t spend a better hour for rest and relaxation. your skin is particularly sensitive.

Your facial includes a facial massage, and a neck and shoulder massage. It’s an important step in a facial routine that helps to completely relax you and stimulate your skin’s blood supply.  We will also use products such (example products, those used on the day will be relevant to your skin type) as white tea mist, calendula cleansers, honey and orange facial scrub,  white tea facial mask, rose toner, frankincense moisturiser, toning eye gel, wild rose beauty balm and an aromatic massage oil. You could even have a fantastic anti -ageing facial using proven Neals Yard products for your finer lines and skin type.

Upgrade your facial to a Diamond Microdermabrasion Facial

Upgrade your facial to a galvanic high frequency facial


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