Galvanic High Frequency Facial

A Galvanic Facial is often known as an Electrical Facial and contains two elements.  It is used within a normal facial routine.  We can cleanse, exfoliate then do a galvanic treatment, then finish with a mask, tone and moisturise.   First of all it uses a direct galvanic current that passes into the skin.

Desincrustation – This is the process whereby the dead skin cells are removed and the oily substance sebum is softened. The deep cleaning element removes the excess sebum secreted by the sebaceous glands. Desincrustation is a deep cleanse, relax pores, stimulate circulation, remove surface adhesions. Prepares the skin for extraction.

Iontophoresis – Places water soluble substances into the skin for super softening. Ampoules and Gels can be used. Gels are generally easier to use as they don’t run all over the face. Dry skin, skin that is dull is best for using with Iontophoresis.

High Frequency facial can be used on deeply congested acne prone skin.  During a direct treatment a glass electrode is placed directly onto the skin or over a gauze and is applied using slow circular motions. The current travels through the electrode and into the skin. The function of a high frequency facial is that it accelerates blood circulation, helps promote metabolism, kills bacteria, anti congestive, relaxing, aids creams and lotions enter the skin better.




A galvanic facial can encourage a deep cleanse of the skin, it helps to reduce the ageing process and is especially beneficial for mature or ageing damaged skin. It can aid in hydration and the moisturising effect. (depending on products used) It is especially beneficial for oily or combination skin, encouraging the reversal of sluggish or sallow skin,

Give us a call to discuss your facial requirements, this treatment might be the best for you or we might recommend something different. This facial is £55.

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