Vodder Lymph Drainage Anyone!

One of our most booked treatments at the moment is lymphatic drainage massage. This treatment has certainly grown in popularity recently as people understand its benefits more and more.

Many people don’t realise what the function of the lymphatic system is and how it can affect them if it is working sluggishly. There are also many associated conditions that can be managed by regular treatments.

The lymphatic system is the secondary circulatory system in the body. Unlike The cardiovascular system it is not pumped around the body as blood is by the heart. Lymph is a clear fluid located just below the skin that relies on gravity and movement to keep it flowing properly through the body. Its functions include removal of waste products and toxins such as old scars and viruses, removal of excess water from the tissue spaces and it is hugely important in fighting disease as it contains lymphocytes which attack infections.

If your lymphatic system is not functioning properly it will leave you suceptable to disease, it can leave you feeling bloated and can lead to conditions such as swollen joints, cellulite, and fatigue.

Condition such as lipedema and lymphedema present themselves as swelling, often in the legs and can be incredibly painful. Manually moving the excess fluid from these areas can ease this swelling.  When cancer sufferers have had lymph nodes removed they can have terrible swelling as fluid pools in the area. Manually sweeping these areas is the only way to clear them.

For these reasons this very light pressured, relaxing massage has become very popular. In continental Europe in lymphatic drainage massage has been a common monthly treatment for many people, but only now are we seeing that level of  interest here. Many of my first clients where only interested in improving the appearance of their cellulite, but now I have many different types of clients, both men and women.

This massage will have benefits for people who

– have a weakened immune system

– suffer from many colds and viruses

– have lymphedema or lipodema

– have swollen or tired legs

– stand or sit for long periods at work

– have had nodes removed due to cancer

– have had laser lypolesis or vaser

– are undergoing a detox or want to feel lighter

– have chronic fatigue

– suffer from cellulite

– suffer from acne

It is a very gentle massage that consists of the lymph-node is being stimulated by gentle pumping motions and then fluid being directed to the nearest lymph nodes. It is common to see a visible difference in swollen areas immediately after the massage.It is also successfully being used as pain management for many of these clients.

There aren’t many people who are trained in this massage and I often have people travelling from afar for this treatment. Because of this growing popularity and scarcity of therapists it would be a great treatment to train in if you are already a massage therapist. I run monthly training in lymphatic drainage and a body massage qualification is a pre-requisite.

Should you wish to book in for this lovely, spring cleaning treatment or discuss a training date please get in touch.